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Escarpment Labs - Cali Ale Escarpment Labs - Ardennes Belgian Ale Escarpment Labs - Cali Common Lager
Escarpment Labs - Cali Ale
Price: $11.99

A great yeast choice for American ale styles, brought to you by Escarpment Labs! Belgian yeast that flocculates well, brought to you by Escarpment Labs! An excellent choice of creating California Common beers due to its ability to ferment at higher temperature while still maintaining relatively crisp lager yeast characteristics.
Escarpment Labs - American Ale Escarpment Labs - Kolsch Escarpment Labs - Old World Saison Blend
Escarpment Labs - Kolsch
Price: $11.99

A clean, slightly less attenuative yeast that is perfect for accentuating hop character.
An ideal yeast to use in the production of Kolsch and Altbiers, but can also be used for a variety of beers where a clean fermentation is the goal.
A blend of two Saison strains that produces a highly attenuated beer with peppery and fruity aromatics.
Escarpment Labs - Weizen II Escarpment Labs - Isar Lager Escarpment Labs - Czech Lager
A yeast perfect for producing the aroma profile of a classic Hefeweizen while also attenuating more of the sugar for a drier beer.
A great choice for producing a solid lager.
The yeast of choice for producing a Czech Pilsner. Extended lagering is recommended for the best quality beer.
Escarpment Labs - Munich Lager Escarpment Labs - Voss Kveik Escarpment Labs - St. Remy
A classic Munich lager yeast. ESCARPMENT LABS - VOSS KVEIK

One of the most famous Norwegian Kveik yeasts. This is a single strain selected from Sigmund Gjernes' Voss Kveik. This yeast can ferment at up to 42ºC (Sigmund pitches at 40ºC and free rises from there!) with clean flavours and a prominent citrus aroma. We recommend warm fermentation temperatures (>25ºC), highly fermentable wort and yeast nutrients to ensure complete attenuation. This strain is also very alcohol tolerant and highly flocculent, although it will still produce considerable haze in heavily dry hopped NEIPAs.

Attenuation: 70-75%
Optimum Temp: 25-40+ºC (!!!)
Alcohol tolerance: Very High
Flocculation: High
A great yeast choice for Belgian ale styles, brought to you by Escarpment Labs!
Escarpment Labs - New World Saison Blend Escarpment Labs - Hornindal Kveik Blend Escarpment Labs - Fruity Wit
An excellent choice for modern American style saisons.
A great example of what the Norwegian Kveik family of yeasts can do! A Witbier strain which produces lots of complex fruity esters while still prominently displaying classic Witbier character.
Escarpment Labs - Lactobacillus Blend Escarpment Labs - Fruit Bomb Saison Blend
A blend of two Lactobacillus species, L. brevis and L. plantarum. This high-character blend contains a Saison strain with balanced ester
and spice aromas, an enigmatic Brettanomyces anomala strain with
tropical characteristics, and a complex and fruity Brettanomyces
bruxellensis strain.


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