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Escarpment Labs - Cerberus Escarpment Labs - Anchorman Ale Escarpment Labs - Ã…rset Kveik
This enigmatic strain has proven itself in many breweries who use it alone or paired with Vermont Ale to produce fruit-forward, hoppy beers. Clean fermentation profile, with slightly faster attenuation and flocculation than Cali Ale Yeast. Suitable for production of clean West Coast style ales. Norwegian farmhouse yeast with a profile similar to the Hornindal Kveik Blend, this blend exhibits a broad temperature range (we have heard of sub-15ºC) and tolerates acidic wort quite well.
Escarpment Labs - Brett D Escarpment Labs - Cali Ale Escarpment Labs - Cali Common Lager
Escarpment Labs - Cali Ale
Price: $11.99

Brettanomyces brux. strain noted for very prominent pineapple esters alongside a good dose of funk, suitable for primary fermentation. A great yeast choice for American ale styles, brought to you by Escarpment Labs! An excellent choice of creating California Common beers due to its ability to ferment at higher temperature while still maintaining relatively crisp lager yeast characteristics.
Escarpment Labs - Ebbegarden Kveik Blend Escarpment Labs - Fruit Bomb Saison Blend Escarpment Labs - Fruity Wit
This blend displays prominent fruity esters, leaning toward tropical guava and mango, lending well to traditional as well as modern aromatic styles like NEIPA. This high-character blend contains a Saison strain with balanced ester
and spice aromas, highly suited to aroma hop or fruit-forward farmhouse ales/saisons.
A Witbier strain which produces lots of complex fruity esters while still prominently displaying classic Witbier character.
Escarpment Labs - Hornindal Kveik Blend Escarpment Labs - New World Saison Blend Escarpment Labs - Spooky Saison
A great example of what the Norwegian Kveik family of yeasts can do! An excellent choice for modern American style saisons.
A saison strain a little different from the rest. Produces a beer with balanced saison characteristics.
Escarpment Labs - Ãœberweizen Escarpment Labs - Voss Kveik Escarpment Labs - Isar Lager
A slightly more attenuative German Hefeweizen strain which still displays prominent banana/clove profile This yeast can ferment at up to 42ºC with clean flavours and a prominent citrus aroma. Accentuates malt character, with a reliable fermentation profile, good flocculation and diacetyl reduction.
Escarpment Labs - Old World Saison Blend Escarpment Labs - Lactobacillus Blend 2.0 Escarpment Labs - Belgian Sour Blend
Escarpment Labs - Belgian Sour Blend
List Price: $11.99
Price: $11.99
A blend of two Saison strains that produces a highly attenuated beer with peppery and fruity aromatics.

This blend is a product of our ongoing research into optimizing Lactobacillus strain selection. It is a blend of our main L. plantarum strain with a strain of Lactobacillus rhamnosus. This blend has a wide temperature range ( 30ºC to 45ºC) and enhances fruit flavours in the finished beer, with tasters noting red fruit and guava aromas. It is intended for kettle/quick souring but can also be used in 0 IBU wort.
A blend of 5 Brettanomyces strains isolated from Belgian Lambic beers, alongside 4 strains of Lactobacillus and 2 strains of Pediococcus.
Escarpment Labs - Vermont Ale Escarpment Labs - Foggy London Ale Escarpment Labs - Classic Wit

This high-character American ale yeast produces hop-accentuating fruity esters, accentuating stone fruit and citrus character, accompanied by a smooth body. We recommend fermenting at 19-20ºC initially, then raising to 22ºC to complete the fermentation, and holding warm for several days in order to clean up. We highly recommend attention to temperature control with this yeast.

Attenuation: 73-83%
Optimum Temp: 18.8-22.2°C (66-72°F)
Alcohol tolerance: High
Flocculation: Medium
Displays a balanced fruity flavour profile, and accentuates malt and hop flavours. Especially suited to production of fruity hop-forward Northeast style IPAs.
A genre-defining Witbier strain, famous for balanced phenol and ester character with slight tartness that emphasizes wheat flavour.


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