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Escarpment Labs - Kolsch Escarpment Labs - Old World Saison Blend Escarpment Labs - Isar Lager
Escarpment Labs - Kolsch
Price: $11.99

An ideal yeast to use in the production of Kolsch and Altbiers, but can also be used for a variety of beers where a clean fermentation is the goal.
A blend of two Saison strains that produces a highly attenuated beer with peppery and fruity aromatics.
Accentuates malt character, with a reliable fermentation profile, good flocculation and diacetyl reduction.
Escarpment Labs - Voss Kveik Escarpment Labs - Hornindal Kveik Blend Escarpment Labs - Fruity Wit
This yeast can ferment at up to 42ºC with clean flavours and a prominent citrus aroma. A great example of what the Norwegian Kveik family of yeasts can do! A Witbier strain which produces lots of complex fruity esters while still prominently displaying classic Witbier character.
Escarpment Labs - Fruit Bomb Saison Blend Escarpment Labs - Scottish Ale Escarpment Labs - Ã…rset Kveik
This high-character blend contains a Saison strain with balanced ester
and spice aromas, an enigmatic Brettanomyces anomala strain with
tropical characteristics, and a complex and fruity Brettanomyces
bruxellensis strain.
This is a classic Scottish ale strain, typically used for strong and malty cold-weather brews, but also quite useful as a general purpose ale strain. Norwegian farmhouse yeast with a profile similar to the Hornindal Kveik Blend, this blend exhibits a broad temperature range (we have heard of sub-15ºC) and tolerates acidic wort quite well.
Escarpment Labs - Brett D Escarpment Labs - Brett Q Escarpment Labs - Ebbegarden Kveik Blend
Brettanomyces brux. strain noted for very prominent pineapple esters alongside a good dose of funk, suitable for primary fermentation. Typically completes primary fermentation within one month, and is also suitable for secondary aging. Ripe strawberry, pear, apple, with underlying funk. This blend displays prominent fruity esters, leaning toward tropical guava and mango, lending well to traditional as well as modern aromatic styles like NEIPA.
Escarpment Labs - Spooky Saison Escarpment Labs - Ãœberweizen
A saison strain a little different from the rest. Produces a beer with balanced saison characteristics. A slightly more attenuative German Hefeweizen strain which still displays prominent banana/clove profile


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