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Beer, rum, whiskey: whatever can be brewed is here for you. Bring your personalized beer glasses and have a sip of our best products, we are sure you will be back for more!
Boosting Brain Health
Beer is known to boost brain health, which might seem shocking to people who associate beer with drunkenness. However, moderate consumption of beer can help with things like depression, anxiety, feelings of stress and reduced risk of strokes.
Healthier Kidneys
Light and moderate drinking can significantly reduce the risk of kidney stones, improve bone density, as well as lower the risk of type 2 diabetes.
Stronger Bones
A new study has shown that drinking beer moderately can actually help make your bones become significantly stronger because of the high amount of silicon in them.

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Our Team

Here is the team behind the success and operation of Ever Wood Ave Brew Shop.
Mary B. Nevin
Mary B. Nevin

Mary has been part of the online shop from the very beginning and is one of our finest programmers.

    Justin W. Vasquez
    Justin W. Vasquez

    CEO and chairperson of the company, Justin has been instrumental in shaping the company into what it is today.

      Melissa C. Bittner
      Melissa C. Bittner

      Handling finances is never easy, but Melissa makes it look like a walk in the park. Being the Chief Financial Executive, she is the person behind the money.

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